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The Program
Our program begins with you. We dive into who you are and what makes you different. What is your vision for the brand? Why should anyone buy from you? What is the unique differentiator of your business that prospects and clients won’t forget?

From differentiation comes message positioning and marketing strategy. What phrase completes your brand? What unique attributes best sell you? What media will your target respond to? What action needs to take place?

The execution of a marketing plan tells us the who, what, when, and where. If you already know who you are marketing to, we will help you determine when the campaign should launch, where it will be placed and what it will say based on positioning and strategy.

After the campaign is complete, we will track results, analyze its effect on your sales and market awareness, and determine next steps for future campaigns based on the success of your media, creative, positioning, and offer.

This program will be designed to fit within a series of SBM pricing models, tailored to match your budget and custom marketing requirements.

Please review our service packages to determine which one of our programs meets your exact requirements. Our packages include web marketing, brand identity, integrated campaign development, and more.